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Bee -- for The Honey Bee Conservancy

The first in our charity series of key chains, we call it "Shapes For Change". Not only is it a key chain but its also a can marker, to show others what you care about. One new shape will be available per month will be available only from our website. The proceeds of the purchase will go to the charity it represents, as well as, 10% percent of the purchase price on other items purchased on our website on the same order. As with any purchase on our website includes free shipping.

Our COO tending to his bee hives

Our first selection is The Honey Bee Conservancy (http://thehoneybeeconservancy.org). On their website, you will find the startling facts of the decline of the bee and the consequences to our food supply. Here are Some quick facts: 30% of the food we eat is pollinated by bees and since 2017 the bee has been on the endangered species list. For the keychain design of course we picked a bee! This key chain is available in yellow or black.


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